Eugene undergoes successful surgery on left arm

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Eugene Laverty underwent surgery on Friday morning to treat an injury to his left arm -suffered in a crash at the final test of 2015 in Jerez on Thursday.

The Northern Irishman was diagnosed with a distal fracture of the left radius, a contusion to his head and a dislocated right shoulder by the hospital where he was taken in Jerez, with further injuries being discovered upon his transfer to Barcelona.

Early on Friday morning, Laverty travelled from Seville to Barcelona, where he was examined at the Hospital Universitario Quirón Dexeus by renowned surgeon Dr. Xavier Mir.

A 3D scan at the facility discovered further damage. In addition to the metaphyseal fracture of the distal radius with avulsion of the left ulnar styloid, Eugene was also diagnosed with a small fracture of the first thoracic vertebra, and a fracture of the coracoid aphophysis in his right shoulder. Both the shoulder and vertebra can be treated with rest, although a surgical procedure was required for his left arm.

The POWER ELECTRONICS Aspar rider entered the operating theatre at around 3pm, undergoing an operation that lasted ninety minutes. Dr. Xavier Mir and his medical team performed an open reduction of the fracture and fixed it with a titanium plate.

He is likely to leave the medical centre this evening. In the first week of recovery, rigid immobilization of his wrist will be required, and following this the first stages of recovery will be carried out.

In the second week, the stitches will be removed and a further X-ray taken to confirm the success of the operation. From then on, Laverty will start the rehabilitation process and will need four to six weeks to recover from all the fractures caused by yesterday’s crash in Jerez.